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Junior Company Resources

Download Your Company Resources Now

Click on the titles below to download your company resources. These resources will alleviate some of the administration pain associated with starting a company, thus allowing you to focus on your mission. Based on your feedback, more will be added in the coming months. Please let us know how we can better help you.



Company Manual – This is your guide to building your company. It will help you build your company programs and activities.

Company Operations Plan – This is an all-inclusive high-level operations plan that will help jumpstart your Company’s success!

Finances This tool will help reduce the time it takes to organize your Company’s finances. This tool highly customizable and tailored for Scabbard and Blade Companies.

Company Database This tool will allow you begin building strong company records and jumpstart your alumni database. A successful alumni program can mean the difference between a good and great company.

Weekly Meeting Agendas Start holding effective meetings from day one. This highly customizable tool will instantly boost your Company’s meeting productivity.

Company Attendance  Use this to begin tracking your company member’s participation in your activities and program.

National Society of Scabbard and Blade Constitution – Download the latest Scabbard and Blade constitution.

Example Company By-laws – Here’s an example company By-laws used at the ROTC level. If your company plans on writing it’s own, this is a great place to start!



New Member Initiation Form – Use this to nominate all of your new imitates. Membership are processed four times per year (start of January, April, July, and November).

Company Annual Report – Use link to write and submit your annual report to the national headquarters. This form support selection for annual awards and other incentives.