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Junior Program for JROTC

Company Charter Information

This program aims to support the planning and accomplishments of JROTC students’ goals and aspirations. Our objective is to help expose these members to opportunities, mentors, and resources that assist them in accomplishing their goals and developing the Five Star qualities.

Please read the slides below before applying for a Company Charter

We plan to provide:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Uniform awards and decorations
  • Five Star development resources
  • Increased access to mentors
  • Networking opportunities
  • National recognition


Continue to “Activities & Events”

Companies can attend or perform:

– Activities or Events that promote the Five Stars

  • Honor
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Officership
  • Unity

– Examples:

  • Leadership development exercises
  • Communication program
  • Host professional speakers
  • Professional skills exercises
  • Historical activities (museums)
  • Community service
  • Mentor activities
  • And many more!


Continue to “School Qualifications”

School must have:

  • An active JROTC unit located at the requesting school
  • At least one faculty or staff member must serve as the Company Advisor
  • Four or more JROTC students must qualify for Junior membership


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There are two levels of memberships

Junior Members:

  • JROTC student
  • Show potential to consistently demonstrate the Five Star qualities
  • Taken a pledge to learn more about obtaining a college education
  • In good standing with JROTC unit and school

Distinguished Junior Members:
(Upgrade for preexisting Junior members)

  • Must be an active Junior member (above)
  • Have or about to enter their Junior or Senior year

And one of the below requirements*

  •  Be ranked in the Top 20% of their academic year class (commander’s order of merit listing)
  • Must achieve a GPA specified by JROTC unit commander (GPA must be 3.0 or better)

*The unit commander is given the leeway to choose which membership requirement upon registration (OML or GPA)

Continue to “Time Requirements”

At a minimum:

  • Companies must meet at least 3 times a year; at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year
  • Manage and file annual paperwork to the National Headquarters

Also, the company must fill the positions below:

  • Company Advisor: Faculty or school staff member
  • Company Captain (Commander): JROTC student
  • Company 1st Lieutenant (Vice Commander): JROTC student
  • Company 2nd Lieutenant (Finance Officer): JROTC student
  • Company Staff Sergeant (Executive Officer): JROTC student

Companies are allowed to exceed this time amount as long as it is within reason and has been approved by Company Advisor.


Continue to “Costs”

Initial Charter Fee

  • $60 processing fee and national charter certificate

Annual Dues

  • $40 fixed
  • $10 per active company member




The link below will take you to the Charter Request Form. This form will require you to pay the fee before the application is complete. Note: The form is not able to save your progress. If you leave the form before the payment is complete,  you may have to fill in the form again.




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