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National E-Convention

April 2016

Event Details


Day 1: Development Day (April 8th)

Overview: Listen to some of the best and brightest military members speak about their lessons learned while serving.

Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm CT



  • Junior Officer (CGO) – What I wish I knew
  • Cadet Involvement – Cadet collaboration of what it means to be one of the five stars
  • Premier Speaker  – Joint Leaderships and the Integration of all services – Lt Gen Keith M. Huber (Army Retired)

Awards Ceremony

  • Company of the Year (Saber Award)
  • Distinguished Achievement Award
  • Volunteer of the Year


  • All company members should be in attendance
  • Watch the webinar together
  • Make this an event with activities before and/or after the convention
  • Invite non-members to Day 1

Day 2: Company Day (April 9th)

Overview: Hear the latest S&B information and collaborate with other companies and the HQ staff.

Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm CT



  • President of S&B Austin Hirsch
    • Strategic goals
    • Potential changes, members will vote post convention
    • Membership management
  • ROTC Operations Director Megan Frechette
    • New cadet command structure
    • Transitioning your leadership
    • Growing your company
    • Company administration
    • Development ideas
  • Feedback (ALL)


  • Minimum attendance – company command group and advisor
  • Be ready to ask questions and be engaged


Register Here

Only one person from the company needs to register their company



All Companies are required to be represented at the convention. Please contact for issues with attendance. 



Annual Awards

Don’t forget to nominate your company and members for an annual award! Due March 25th!


Award Forms