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Our Mission

To provide ROTC and JROTC cadets the tools and resources to succeed in their future careers.

We believe in delivering tailorable education and mentorship programs that enable ambitious students to meet their career goals. We want to be the first place ambitious ROTC and JROTC students’ reference when searching for career resources.


Who We Are and What We Do

S&B is led by dedicated and passionate volunteers. Our volunteers focus on leading existing national programs and/or work on national projects (events, new projects, etc.).


Type of Experienced Needed

We are looking for ambitious individuals that are passionate about developing the next generation of military leaders. We have opportunities for all age groups, whether you are a cadet, active duty officer, retired, or just a benevolent supporter.

If you are passionate about the S&B mission and a self-starter, we have a place for you.

We are looking for individuals who have skills in a variety of different areas:

  • Project Management
  • Web Products and Coding
  • Event Management
  • Cadet organizational management/operations
  • Personal and Group Development (Mass Mentorship and Education)
  • Academics (Specialized degrees or education in Leadership, Education, Policy, Joint-Services, etc.)
  • Management of large groups (i.e. Companies, Volunteers, Donors, etc.)
  • Board Management and High Level Configuration Management
  • Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Legal



All of our opportunities range in commitment, scope, and responsibility. Some range from 20hrs per month and others to a couple sporadic hours each quarter. We do our very best to find opportunities that align with your interest and skills as well as your time.



  • High impact on cadet development
  • Help shape the national organization and programs
  • Learn new and/or refine current skills
  • Gain new experience
  • Meet great people

These volunteer opportunities are specifically aimed at national programs and projects. Being at the national level, each opportunity has the potential to challenge you and give you experience that cannot be gained through local clubs and volunteer organizations.

We provide a huge differentiation for our volunteers as we promise to (in addition to the above benefits) go beyond the “usual” volunteer benefits and give you real-world practical application of business, nonprofit management, and project management. Truly, this is a great opportunity for junior or senior leaders.


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